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Production with subsequent assembly

The assembly of the products follows the production process.
The process of assembling moldings generally follows the manufacturing process as a matter of urgency.

As well as production, it runs in 3-shift operation – continuously, in areas adapted to each type of activity. Types of assemblies include packing (labeling), mechanical assembly of plastic components, assembly of electrodes, assembly and subsequent packaging of products according to customer requirements for horticulture, pharmaceutical industry, and others.

All the assemblies are executed separately under the supervision of trained personnel.

Find out under what conditions we can produce and fit plastic products for you

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  • We are specialized in injecting plastics and the following fitting.
  • The Interplastic Company was founded in the year 2004 and is connected to previous experience of the owners within the area of plastics injecting.

    We utilize a wide range of thermoplastics (PP – POM – PA – ABS, etc.) The production hall is furnished with modern machine devices, in form of 9 injecting presses, altogether with other production equipment and jigs for the montage of our products.